Lukas Hanulak, Sarah Laszlo, Marcell Gerö
Lukas Hanulak, Sarah Laszlo, Marcell Gerö
Evelin Soosaar
Evelin Soosaar
Philipp Hoffmann, Kira Jääskeläinen
Philipp Hoffmann, Kira Jääskeläinen
Christine Camdessus, Leslie Hills and Irena Taskovski
Christine Camdessus, Leslie Hills and Irena Taskovski
Stefan Arsenijevic Christine Camdessus
Stefan Arsenijevic Christine Camdessus
Jennie Konrad, Heike Libnow, Philipp Hoffmann; Lukas Hanulak, Christine Camdessus; Lina Luzyte and Benedikt Röskau
Jennie Konrad, Heike Libnow, Philipp Hoffmann; Lukas Hanulak, Christine Camdessus; Lina Luzyte and Benedikt Röskau

Applications for:

  • project development

in which media professionals such as directors, producers, executive and financing producers, writers, distributors, sales agents, marketing executives, new media content providers, animators and post-production specialists submit an individual project which they want to develop with the aid of the NIPKOW PROGRAMM through individual consultations with script consultants, potential producers/co-producers, commissioning editors, etc.; project packaging sessions, one-to-one meetings with industry professionals and companies, research facilities and workshops.

Applicants must be:

  • professionals (no students)

  • from all over the world
  • Filmmakers who have completed a first feature length film (more than 70min.), either fiction, documentary or cross media.
    Applicants who have not completed a feature length film may qualify for consideration if they have had a short film awarded by a major International Film Festival.
  • We recommend a first draft of feature projects to be in place. No draft for documentary projects needed.

  • We also strongly recommend a local producer being on board already.

Application Form

Please download our application form for:

  • project development

    right-click here to download file application_form.doc (Microsoft Word strongly recommended)

No application will be accepted without a completed form. All information and material must be provided in English. Please send the application form to the following email address:

Application Checklist

  • Please fill in all corresponding fields of application form

  • in order to show us your latest film(s) please send them either as downloadable Link(s)

  • 2 recommendation letters

  • if exists please send us latest version of draft - in English.

  • For documentary films we do not expect any script, treatment will be sufficient.

Every applicant will receive a e-mail confirming:

a - reception of the sent mail and material

b - a remark whether or not the application is complete or whether something is missing.

Attention: The checking of all applications being a time consuming process, please do not expect confirmation e-mails immediately after the end of the deadline. We are working on each application and shall come back to you as fast as possible. 

Thank you for your understanding

Selection Procedure / Jury Sessions

Criteria for selection:

  • the quality and potential of the proposed project
  • the feasability of the project in the current audio-visual environment
  • the project's potential for international co-production with Germany
  • the project's potential for international distribution
  • the quality of work samples
  • the candidate's professional track record

ATTENTION: The next deadline for applications will be announced later this year


Selected participants are awarded a monthly grant of 1,500 Euros to allow them to concentrate exclusively on their work. Participants are expected to commit to working solely on their projects while in Berlin. 

Grants are awarded by the jury for a period of three months.

The selected participants must complete their fellowship within one calendar year (as of the jury selection)

All participants are obliged to write a final report before receiving their final monthly grant.

Travel expenses and accommodation are not provided by NIPKOW PROGRAMM.
Once a participant has been awarded a grant from the NIPKOW PROGRAMM, he/she may not re-apply; a Nipkow grant is a one-time experience!